Mary began her singing career in the late sixties/early seventies when she was teaching in London, England. She had a background in English Traditional music and was also writing her own songs at the time. She performed in clubs and on a series of BBC Night Ride shows, MC’ed by the late Jon Curle. She came to Canada in 1974 and eventually settled in Surrey, British Columbia, where she lives today. Mary eventually returned to teaching and wrote songs and shows for her students.

When she returned to the music scene, it was with a Caribbean steel band, Sweet Pan. The band performed all over the lower mainland and at many Caribbean Festivals at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver. She played both tenor and cello pans.



In 2007, Mary joined the Vancouver Folk Song Society in which she is very much involved. She teamed up with Simon Trevelyan as a duo and they became known as King’s Shilling. They performed together at many venues, including Seattle Folk Life, the Princeton Traditional Festival, and on numerous occasions on CJFS Radio.

Mary is now retired from teaching and is free to do the things she loves the most, sing, write songs, and enjoy musical get-togethers with others like herself. A quote from her CD insert, “It was never my goal to be rich and famous, I just wanted to sing my songs for my family and friends, So, here they are, and I hope you like them!”

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